Hi my Name is Brent Yakkov Ben Moshe.

I have been studying Hebrew for many years now and believe that Hebrew is a designed language.

About a year ago I drove past a trash can, I discovered some material lying next to the trash can so I picked it up and kept it under my bed for a while until I realized what I could do with it.

This material I found was a high density rubber about 5mm thick.

One morning I decided to cut-out some Hebrew Pictograms from this rubber and made words with it then I started making videos explaining my new Hebrew Pictogram cut-outs from my many years of research of Hebrew and posted them on Facebook.

Wow, the response I got! People were asking where they could get These letters, and so the Hebrew Letter Tool Kits were born.

Based on the scripture in Zepheniah 3 vs 9 that says “the Almighty is going to restore us back to his clean lip or tongue”. I didn’t hesitate, I got into action and started making Hebrew Tool Kits with Precision Machinery, these are the Tool Kits you see on this website today as well as more products that came to be along the way.

All these Hebrew Tool Kits are made out of High Density Non Toxic Rubber that comes with Flashcards and Charts to assist you.

Hebrew has 22 Letters in its Alephbet and each Hebrew Tool Kit comes with double letters allowing you to make words and root words during your exercises or studies.

The Flashcards that are supplied in each Hebrew Tool Kit are very detailed and give full meaning of the Ancient Hebrew Pictograms.

Card sets are also available by themselves to assist you.

The Stick n Learn Tool Kits will allow you to examine words in 4 different Scrolls and work great with a Strong`s Concordance or Ancient Hebrew Lexicon that are available at the links provided under products and resources.

Now available to you are the Hebrew Tool Kits that makes Hebrew study so much more fun, easy to learn and you have all the resources you need available to you on this website.

Designed to get the Fathers Word out and to get you busy in His Word, your now able to purchase these Hebrew Tool Kits right here on this website.

Feel free to brows around on this website.

YHWH Bless you.